BigDog Enemy Territory
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Server Rules

A violation of any of the following rules may result in a permanent ban from my servers. Usually a warning will be issued in the form of an in-game chat. Server logs are checked on a daily basis.

General Rules - apply to all servers:

  • Have Fun and respect all players. (Cheaters should simply be warned via chat and reported to me)
  • No Cheats, Hacks, Aimbots or the like allowed.
  • No intended game play disruptions, like blowing friendly mines on purpose, blocking doors or any other behavior to annoy your teammates.
  • No text chat or voice chat spamming. Don't annoy others with filling the chat area.
  • No deceptive name tags. Trying to look like a BOT or another player is not allowed.

Team Kills:
If friendly fire is on, intentional TK is not allowed except to TK/revive.

Spawn Killing:
The use of heavy weapons like artilery and panzers on a spawn room or exit is not allowed.

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