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Server Features

There are a number of very specific server configuration settings and features that are good to know and can give you a bit of a competitive edge when used. Some of these are visible and obvious to all players, and some are not.


  • Double Jump - Double jump is now enabled. It works different than other mods in that you have to double tap jump fast, unlike other mods where you tap then tap again for additional height. With ETPub double jump, the double tap gives you 1.5 the jump height than a single tap.
  • Airstrike blocks - A player may easily block an airstrike by crouching, standing, or proning over the enemy's canister to block the airstrike.
  • Sudden Death - Sudden Death Dynamites enabled. If there is 30 seconds or less on the clock and dynamite is planted on an objective, the clock will continue to run past zero. The match will not end until the dynamite either explodes, or is disarmed. You are not allowed to plant additional dynamite during sudden death.
  • Dynamite chaining enabled - Dynamite will cause other similar dynamites to explode when exploding (only if within blast radius). Dynamites not planted on an objective will blow any other dynamite not on an objective. Dynamite planted on an objective will only blow dynamite on the same objective.
  • Dyno Counters - Adds a dynamite symbol with the location and the time remaining to all the players on the team of the player who plants the dynamite. This will only happen when dynamite is placed on an objective. The players in the other team will see the dynamite symbol too, but they won't see the time remaining.
  • New spawns are invulnerable for 5 seconds. Shooting terminates your invulnerability.
  • Number of suicides (kill command) are limited to 5 per round. Use them wisely.
  • Team switching will end a killing spree.
  • Gravity - Gravity is set a bit lower then standard (you are lighter) for higher jumping
  • Country Flags - Based on the IP address of the player, a country flag is shown on scoreboard and player mouse over.
  • Panzer Damage - amount of damage and damage radius is slightly reduced, but direct hits still splat!
  • BOTs - BOTs are tuned to be a low difficulty level (level 2 of 7) so that they don't hurt too bad. I have adjusted some of the BOT parameters on certain classes, like Medic, to help out noobs. The Medics are more accurate shooters so that they can get to wounded players, but BOTs are far from perfect so they may still not get to you... part of the game.
  • Other notes: uses OmniBot version 0.71, ETpub version 0.9.1 (client build 04-16-2009)

Jaymod FunFest Server:

  • Double Jump - allows you to jump and extra time while in mid-air to gain more height.
  • Goomba killing - Alluding to the Mario Bros. days, you can "goomba" kill by landing on the enemy's heads.
  • Molotov Cocktails - A very cool incendiary weapon available in weapon bank 4 behind grenades. Requires level 2 light weapons rank.
  • Poison Syringe - This is added to your weapon #4 (behind grenades, click 4 to switch). Poke enemys with this and they get sick and die in about 1.5 seconds. Health packs will cure you if poisoned, but you better move fast.
  • Shotgun - Pump action shotgun available to all classes except covert. A very deadly weapon, but slow to reload.
  • Poison Gas Mines - Available to Level 5 engineers, these emit poison gas. Find them behind the mines (weapon 5).
  • Many more Jaymod features are available and I will enable and test as time permits.
  • BOTs - BOTs are tuned to be a medium-low difficulty level (about 3 of 7).
  • Other notes: uses OmniBot version 0.66 (will not support newer 0.71), Jaymod version 2.1.7 (server and client)

Map Specific Stuff:

  • Goldrush-ga (Greater Access) - This is a customized version of Goldrush that I run on both servers. At first look, this is just like the original Goldrush, but you must look further. There are many doors that open into secret areas and ledges around buildings that you can walk and jump across. Pay special attention to doors and areas around the bank once the doors have been blown. There is a ton of fun here just in discovering the new areas. Tip - the secret doors that open DO NOT show the hand icon for object access, you just have to try them all, discover and remember them.
  • Transmitter - This is on Jaymod only at this time (June 2009). This map really requires a large team on each side which we don't see much yet on my Jaymod, but this is such an awesome map (looks wise with high detail anyway) that I just had to put it up on at least one server.

About the BOTs:Both servers use OmniBot which helps an otherwise empty server to provide some challenge for training or casual playtime. I wish the use of BOTs was not necessary, but it seems that there are more ET servers than there are ET players to keep servers active :-\. Tuning the BOT behavior is one of the most challenging aspects of setting up a server and maintaining it.
Beginners Training uses OmniBot version 0.71 which has been improved over the previous version. These BOTs are much less predictable and smarter in many ways. I have actually modified some of the BOT scripts to aid in some of the goals like riding the Tugs in Railgun as well as other changes to aid in the overall training experience.
Jaymod uses the older 0.66 OmniBot which is not as good as 0.71. Unfortunately, development for Jaymod has been on hold for nearly 2 years now so they may never offer support for the newer OmniBot version... that is sad, but apparently the Jaymod developers have run out of time to dedicate to Jaymod and/or moved on to other gaming platforms. As a result, in Jaymod you may see BOTs do really stupid stuff like get stuck running in circles and being very predictable.

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