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What Is the "Monitor Players Live" window thing?

This is a small pop up window that will query my servers and provide a live list of players and the current map. It is a very convenient way to check who is playing as opposed to starting the game up and spec or play around with BOTs until a human comes on. You can leave it up and contine doing other tasks on your computer as it checks the servers every 30 seconds or so.

I created this to help get live players together on my servers. For months now I have watched from my admin console to see players connect, spec or play with BOTs for a few minutes, then leave most likely because there are no humans playing. Then literally within minutes (sometimes seconds) another player will come on and do the same thing and it stinks to see that they just missed other players.

This is the first of a couple of ideas I have had about getting players together at the same time. This monitor window is currently BETA (July 2009) so let me know of any issues or ideas.
Some other ideas I have had about getting players together are:

  • A web site app to register a desired play date & time with email/SMS/IM alert reminders. Other players could then join your "Play Date".
  • A server app that would send email/SMS/IM alerts when X number of players are on a server or when a specific player name has connected to a server, like a buddy list.
If you have any ideas or comments, contact me.


Monitor Players Live
(Popup LIVE Server/Player monitor window)
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