BigDog Enemy Territory
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BigDogD Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Game Servers

Feb 2017
The only remaining ET server is

January 2014
A new clan is born. This is now the home server(s) of =K9C= Clan (K9 Crusaders). See Forum.
NQ server located at (or

November 2013
BigDogDs NQ Dog Pound is on a fixed IP address at:
you can also use the name

March 2013
My Forum is now up and running. Come on in, register and discuss.

February 2013
I am back to running my own servers. My new addition is "BigDogD's NQ Dog Pound". This is more or less a "classic" ET setup but running Noquarter mod 1.2.9, no double jump, friendly fire on, with few rules. Open to everyone... this is not a clan server nor am I creating a clan. Just fun for all, free for all.

Server URL:
Discussion forum soon to come.

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